One – Mission

Cambridge Christian School is a remarkable place where we seek to honour Jesus each day in the discipleship of students. We see Christian Education as a Learning Journey. What is the end goal of this Learning Journey? Cambridge Christian School partners with families to educate our students to be Christ-centred Thinkers, Designers, Communicators, and Worshippers!


At Cambridge Christian School, we propel our students towards academic growth and excellence, seeking to see each child reach their potential in literacy and numeracy and having minds that appreciate the amazing world that God has created as well as the ability to reason and discern.


God has given our students the inspiration to create and design. We celebrate when our student produce beautiful work.


As 21st century learners, we inspire our students to flourish in their communication skills, whether they be written, verbal, or digital.


Above all, the hallmark of Christian education is spiritual growth and we want to see our students embrace their calling as worshippers and followers of Christ.

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Two – Our Staff; Leaders of the Learning Journey

Our dedicated, professional staff put their heart and soul into creating a learning experience that will impact and engage students. They care for each individual student, encouraging them to grow in their God-given abilities.

Wednesday Staff Meetings and regular PD Day are planned for staff to learn and grow together.

Contacting the Office
By Phone- 519-623-2261
By Email-

Contacting Staff

By Email- first initial, last name

Three – Academic Foundations

Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Bible and Social Studies are the academic foundations of our curriculum. All of our programming is undergirded with a Christian Worldview. Click HERE to learn more about our Academic Foundations.

Report Cards, Conferences, and Standardized Testing
Our school year is divided into three terms with Report Cards being distributed in December, March and June. At CCS, teachers and parents are encouraged to conference whenever needed. After First Term Report Cards a formal Parent-Teacher Conference is scheduled for all students. After the Second Term Report Cards, formal Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled upon request.

Students in Grades Four through Eight complete a digital Standardized Test called Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). MAP tests track progress in Mathematics, Reading and Language each Fall and Spring. Students do not have to study for these tests.

Students at CCS have an opportunity to visit our beautiful Library once a week to take out books and/or to hear stories. We are thankful for our faithful Library volunteers who are parents and grandparents.

Learn more about our Student Support Services programming HERE, where we provide support for students both in the classroom and in The Hub.

Click this link to learn more about our Preschool programming.

To learn more about our JK and SK programming, including our Monday, Wednesday and Friday Core Curriculum Days as well as our Tuesday and Thursday Grow and Go Program for parents interested in 5-day schooling click HERE.

Four – Student Culture and Community

Our Student Code of Conduct challenges students to love God and others; this is central to the culture at CCS. Class Devotions, Chapels, Special Events, our School Families Program and extra-curriclular activities are important in shaping our school culture and helping students feel at home and excited with our school community. School Rules and Routines help us establish parameters that give us order and harmony.

STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT (Board Policy #1002)
As a Christian community, we want student behaviour and conduct to be guided by Jesus’ command to love God above all and our neighbour as our self. This includes:

I. Our Relationship with God (Love)

A. Speak of God in respectful ways.
B. Encourage a close relationship with God in others as well as ourselves through activities such as Bible reading, prayer and worship.

II. Our Relationship with Those in Authority (Honour)

A. Be respectful in our speech and conduct.
B. Be obedient to those in authority over us.
C. Encourage others to be respectful of authority.

III. Our Relationship with Others (Respect)

A. Be respectful of others.
B. Address each other properly and do not resort to name-calling, swearing or dirty language towards each other.
C. Give of ourselves to others and encourage everyone to feel included.
D. Remember that there is “no touching except for helping”.
E. Learn to apologize when we fail and to seek God’s forgiveness as we strive to live in fellowship with one another.
F. Respect each other’s property and use it only with permission.

IV. Our Relationship with school property (Care)

A. Be careful in our use of school property which includes the books, furniture, equipment and the buildings.
B. Treat the playgrounds and trees respectfully.
C. Report any damage done and pay for damages when we are responsible.
D. Accept personal responsibility for the cleanliness of the school and the grounds.

Assemblies and Chapels
A regular schedule of Assemblies and Chapels is established each year. Assemblies are held for significant events like the first day of school, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Talent-fest, the last day of school and any other occasion where the school gathers together for a speaker, drama, etc. Shorter 20-minute chapels known as DIGs (Devotions in the Gym) are held throughout the year and feature songs and a devotional reflection. Parents are welcome to attend any of our Assemblies or Chapels.

School Families
Our School Families Program groups students into cross-grade ‘family’ groups for fun events and school-wide activities. Grade Eights serve as leaders in this program. Most years there are six to eight events planned. This program is vital to building school spirit and helping students build relationships with students from other grades. It is also an important opportunity for our Grade Sevens and Eights to develop their leadership skills.


Special Events

Plan to join us for some of our big events each year!

Back to School Open House
The Wednesday Evening before Labour Day is the Back to School Open House. All students and parents are welcome to come and meet their teacher and see their classroom and hooks. Students can drop off their indoor shoes and any other supplies.

Back to School Assembly
The Back to School Assembly is a wonderful opportunity to begin the year in song, prayer, and hear about the school theme.

Walk-a-Thon Challenge
Students participate with their classes in a distance-appropriate walk-a-thon and raise funds for the school. This event happens during the school day, and is a great opportunity to get some volunteer hours by walking with your child’s class. Each year, the students look forward to the ‘wild & crazy’ reward from Mr. Beda if we hit our Walk-a-Thon fundraising goal! In the past, we have turned Mr. Beda into an ice cream sundae and poured slime all over a few teachers. Rumour has it that someone may end up on the roof this year!

The Fall Auction
Our annual auction fundraiser is always a wonderful way to come together as a community. For this year’s auction, we are going to use an online auction as well as an in-person cake auction! We are looking forward to an amazing night together.

Christmas Program
The Christmas Program is held at Forward Church and is a wonderful celebration of our Saviour’s birth with choirs, drama/readings and congregational singing. Students come dressed in their “Sunday Best”.

Grandparents Day and the Spring Musical
Grandparents/Grandfriends Days are set aside the last week of April. Students love to have grandparents or other significant family members visit them in their class and see the school. Lunch is provided, as well as a viewing of our Spring Musical. The office will send out an invitation to parents to forward to Grandparents.
We also have an evening performance of the Spring Musical for parents.

Track and Field Day
Track and Field Day is held at Monsignor Doyle and is always an event that brings our community together to cheer on our student athletes. Grades One through Eight participate.

Grade Eight Graduation
This Ceremony is held at Forward Church each June, celebrating the work of our graduates as well as highlighting the beauty of Christian Education. It is always an amazing and inspirational end to our year.


Daily Timetable

Click HERE to access the outline of our Daily Timetable which includes important notes about drop-off, pick-up, nutrition breaks and recess.


I. Classroom Rules

A. Students are expected to help make the classroom a happy, productive place of learning.
B. Students must do their share in keeping the classroom tidy and organized.
C. Students must have indoor footwear for use in the classroom.
D. During lunch time, students are to remain seated until they are dismissed for recess.
E. Students in JK to Grade 4 may not share snacks or lunches.
F. Students must have their teacher’s permission to leave the classroom.
G. Students must respect their teacher’s work space and desk areas.

II. In-School Rules

A. Students must walk in the hallways and may not disturb classes in session.
B. Student voices may not be loud in the hallways and washrooms.
C. Students given permission to go to the washrooms must do so quickly and quietly.
D. Students working individually or in small groups in the hallways may not be a barrier to hallway traffic.
E. Students will place their coats and other possessions neatly on the coat racks provided. Shoe / boot go against the wall neatly. Backpacks need to be zipped up before the student enters the classroom.
F. Students may only use electronic devices from home at school with teacher permission.
G. Students must give all electronics (cell phones, ipods, etc.) to their teacher when they arrive each morning. They may retrieve their electronic devices from the teacher at the end of the day. All students must refrain from using profane, abusive or impolite language, cyber-bullying, or accessing websites deemed inappropriate.

III. Entrances and Exits

A. The East Doors are for the Primary Grades. The South Doors are for the Junior and Intermediate Grades.
B. Students who arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 should go directly to the playground via the side gate, not through the front doors. Exceptions include students bringing a large project inside, students who have pillows/luggage for overnight stays, students who have items or messages for the office or rainy mornings.
C. All students who are late or returning to school during the school day must report to the Office before proceeding to their classroom.
D. Primary students are to line up by grade and the older students enter first in order to be out on the way of the coat racks of the younger students.
E. Senior students are to wait patiently by their door and to enter in a calm and controlled manner. Boisterous entry is not allowed.
F. Wet and snowy footwear and clothing should be stamped or wiped off before entering the school building.
G. Students are expected to be seated and ready for their school work within 5 minutes of the outside bell.

IV. Playground Rules

A. The East (Primary) side is limited to JK-3 students only. Older students may only be there if assisting the teachers with student supervision.
B. No food in wrappers may be taken outside.
C. Climbing trees, baseball backstops, soccer posts and fences are not allowed.
D. No throwing of objects such as rocks, sticks, apples, etc.
E. When a ball goes over the fence or onto the parking lot, students must ask the teacher on duty for permission to retrieve it.
F. No sports will be played after school. No balls will be used after school.
G. Pokemon cards will not be allowed at the school.

V. Before and After School

A. Students arriving by bicycles are to place them in the racks provided. It is recommended that all bicycles be locked at school.
B. Bicycles, scooters and skateboards are not to be used by their owners or touched by others during the school day.
C. At the end of the school day, students must walk their bicycles to the front parking lot before riding home.

Five – Health and Safety

To the best of our ability, Cambridge Christian School, desires to maintain a NUT-FREE and FISH-FREE facility, so all parents are asked to be diligent in reading labels to protect our staff and students with severe allergies!

Property Security
Our property is fully fenced for student safety. Gates are locked throughout the school day. Visitors must enter through the front doors of the school and will be buzzed in by the office.

Student Pick Up and Custodial Arrangements
Students may not be released to anyone other than their own parent/guardian without parental permission. Parents should complete the Child Release Permission Form, available on Family Portal, to authorize someone else. An email or a phone call to the office will suffice for specific cases. Any legal custodial arrangements must be kept on file in the office.

Injuries and Medication at School
The majority of CCS Staff have their First Aid certification. For anything beyond the routine scrapes or bruises, parents will be contacted.
If medication needs to be administered on a regular basis during school hours, a form, available on FACTS, needs to be completed and signed by the parents. This form will be kept on file in the office and the medication will be administered by office staff.

Each room has a fire procedure sign posted near the door. The sign indicates the fire exit and alternate exit for the students who are in that room when the alarm sounds. The staff and student body practice fire drills a minimum of six times each year. Students will practise a Lock Down drill each Fall and a Tornado Drill each Spring.

Illness at School
Parents will be called to pick up their child(ren) in case of illness at school. Parents are expected to make the necessary arrangements in preparation for this situation. Parents must not allow a child to come to school who is ill. Please use the Ontario School Screener to determine whether your child should come to school.

Online Safety
The Internet is a vast repository of general and specific information, much of which is positive and educational. Unfortunately, the Internet also has unacceptable websites. All computer use will be supervised by a staff member. The school will take reasonable precautions to minimize the risk that students may access inappropriate content online. This includes, but is not limited to:
1. Having students in Grades Three to Eight sign a Computer Use Agreement each year.
2. Ensuring that the Internet service provided by the school has a content filter.
3. Revoking the privilege of using technology at school of any student that engages in inappropriate use of technology.
4. Ensuring that devices from home are not used at the school without the permission of a staff member.

Click HERE to access our Student Computer Use Agreement.

CCS has busing to select parts of our region to bring students to and from school safely. Not all areas of Cambridge are serviced. Please contact the office to inquire about busing. Busing fees are an additional cost.
Bus delays or cancellations will be emailed to the parents directly from the bus company. Parents of bus students must notify the office if their children will not ride the bus in the afternoon.
Due to liability issues, all school trips and off-campus events will use a bus.

Six – Twelve Things That Parents Can Do To Support Our School

1. Consider membership in the Cambridge Christian School Society
Membership in the Cambridge Christian School Society is open to any individual who is 18 year of age or older, has signified in writing his or her willingness to uphold, comply and carry out articles of the Bylaw, and has paid the required membership fee ($20 per parent).

2. Read the CCS News every Friday
The CCS News, a major link between home and school, will be emailed home and posted on FACTS Family Portal by 4 pm every Friday. Announcements pertinent to the school community will be in the CCS News with notes from the teachers regarding their classrooms and assignments.

3. Use the FACTS Family Portal
The FACTS Family Portal is a secure database that allows the school to maintain records and communicate. We need parents to sign in to FACTS to complete and/or update:
-Emergency Contact Information
-Child Release Permission forms
-Contact information
-Volunteer hours

As a parent, on the FACTS Family Portal, you have access to:
-resource documents such as newsletters, policies and Board minutes
-school directory with contact information for other CCS families
-calendars and classroom announcements

Through the use of the FACTs Family Portal we can improve the communication between our school and your home.

Click HERE for Instructions for Accessing FACTS.

4. Volunteer at CCS
Our Volunteer Program at CCS is called GIFTS (Get Involved for the Students). We have found that volunteering is a great way to get people connected to our community and to feel a sense of belonging and ownership in our school. Moreso, volunteering is a service to our Lord Jesus! There is a great variety of opportunities waiting for a willing volunteer. Please watch the CCS News for specific needs. The following table shows the required volunteer hours at CCS.

GIFT (service) hours must be entered online through the FACTS Family Portal (in Family Information). A Vulnerable Sector Police Check is required from those interacting with students. Police Check receipts will be reimbursed through the school office.

Volunteers during school hours are to report to the office for their Identification Tag which is to be worn at all times while they are in the school.

5. Buy Gift Cards through the office or through Flipgive

Cambridge Christian School purchases gift cards at a discounted price and then sells them at face value to CCS families and supporters. Each gift card has a specific profit percentage that is split between the school and the family. 60% of profits go directly to the school and 40% goes to reducing the family’s tuition.

Example: You purchase $500 worth of Zehrs gift cards which pays a 4% profit.
$500 at 4% = $20 profit. The school gets $12 (60%) and the family receives $8 (40%) towards next year’s tuition.

Payment Options: Cash, Cheque, e-transfer, Pre-Authorized Debit, and Debit.

How to Buy Gift Cards:
Sign up for a recurring monthly order. The order amount can be taken directly from your bank account on either the 1st or 15th of the month, using the PAD information provided. Your gift cards can then be sent home with your child or picked up in the office.

We will be offering several gift card order dates throughout the school year for one-time orders. These dates will be advertised through the office. You can place an order by emailing Candace Kikkert at Payment can be made by cash, cheque, debit, or e-transfer to

Here is the order form with gift card options and profit details:

We also encourage families to use FlipGive. FlipGive is an amazing and easy to use online platform for gift card sales and online shopping ( – CCS code KTN7RX) This program is an exciting opportunity for the school and individual families, as profits earned are split between the school (60%) and your own family’s tuition (40%) like with traditional gift card sales..

If you have any questions about either Gift Card sales or the Flipgive program, please contact Candace Kikkert at or Jenn DeVries in the Finance Office at

6. Show your children that you support them in their education
The tone that parents set in the home goes far in influencing children to be respectful and to have the right attitude towards school. Take an interest in your child’s school life. Take time for listening and discussion. Support them in preparing for tests or completing assignments and help them with time management. Provide a quiet place and a regular time for homework. Avoid discussing issues or teachers in front of your child. Remember that a good night’s rest and a nutritious breakfast will help prepare your child for a productive school day. Help your child to understand that God’s will for him in this period of life is the mastery of school subjects. Good studying begins with a proper attitude of the heart. Parents are encouraged to read to their child/children to help develop a love for reading.

7. Keep an eye on your email
Email is the office’s primary means of communication to the community. If school has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, a mass email will be sent to parents prior to 7:00AM.

8. Check out the Lost and Found every now and then.
Items which are “lost and found” will be placed either in the room marked “Project B” or the lobby. To assist in reducing the number of items which find their way into the “lost and found” it is recommended that parents place their child(ren)’s names on all articles which come to school. Unclaimed articles will be sent to a local charity at the end of each term.

9. Watch what your child(ren) are bringing to school
Tablets, iPods, cell phones, electronic games, and the like are not permitted on the playground, in the school or at any school activities unless granted permission by a teacher. Devices must be given to the homeroom teacher at the beginning of the day and can be retrieved at the end of the day.

The school does not accept responsibility for devices, toys or sports equipment brought to school by a student.

No money should be brought to school except for special lunch days, city bus money, and class trips (when spending money is permitted).

Toy guns, paintball, airsoft, water pistols, knives, matches or any other weapon, real or imitation, may not be brought to school by a student. Any such items will be confiscated, brought to the office and immediately reported to the principal. The dangerous item will be kept locked in the principal’s office until a parent or local authority can pick up the item.

10. Let the office know when your child will be absent
In case of illness, a parent must call the school office prior to 8:45 am to inform the school which child(ren) will be absent. Telephone messages (519-623-2261) may be left in the Attendance mailbox or an email may be sent to the office. (

In the event that a child must leave the building during the school day, a note must be sent to the “home-room” teacher and the parent or designate (over 18 years of age) must come into the school to pick up the child(ren).

When parents plan to remove their child(ren) from school for a holiday which is not part of the school calendar, a “Parental Request for Temporary Absence” form must be completed indicating the period of absence. Please complete this form well in advance of the holiday and discuss such absences with the teachers.

Teachers are not required to prepare detailed work in advance for a student who is absent from school for a holiday. Likewise, when a student misses class for a lesson (piano, ESL, etc.), the teacher is not required to prepare detailed work in advance.

During the student’s absence, the teachers will collect worksheets and record assignments which must be completed. These will be available upon the student’s return. The overseeing of the completion of this work is the responsibility of the parents.

When a student is absent the make-up work should be completed as soon as possible. The home should make contact with the teacher and take responsibility for getting the work being missed, particularly if an extended absence is anticipated. Students may be given their assignments upon returning to school; however, because they will be expected to keep up the new daily work immediately this will result in a heavy homework load.

11. Review the Student Dress Code with your child and help them to meet it

In cases of dress code violations, the home room teacher may follow up privately with the student directly or may refer it to the office. Parent communication may be necessary depending on the nature of the infraction or if alternate clothes are needed.

Student Dress Code

12. Pray for Cambridge Christian School

Jesus, we declare once again that you are Lord of CCS and our school belongs to you. We pray for strength and wisdom for every staff member. We bless every child who attends. We pray that our school would be a place of great discovery and learning, and that every child would choose to follow you as Saviour and Lord. May CCS be a place where our students feel at home and love to learn and grow. Holy Spirit, you are welcome at CCS! Amen