About Us

Principal’s Greeting

Thank You for Exploring our Website!

Our school is a remarkable place where we seek to honour Jesus each day in the discipleship of our students. For over 50 years, Cambridge Christian School has partnered with families to educate our students to be Christ-centred Thinkers, Communicators, and Worshippers.

May God bless you as you learn more about our school and how God is working amidst our community!

Scott Beda


At Cambridge Christian School, we propel our students towards academic growth and excellence, seeking to see each child reach their potential in literacy and numeracy and having minds that appreciate the amazing world that God has created as well as the ability to reason and discern.


As 21st century learners, we inspire our students to flourish in their communication skills, whether they be written, verbal, or digital.


Above all, the hallmark of Christian education is spiritual growth and we want to see our students embrace their calling as worshippers and followers of Christ.

Our Story

Our Story Begins and Continues with God’s Grace

During the 1950s, a group of Christians in the old Town of Galt began dreaming of establishing a Christian school, and 50 years later, we are celebrating all that God has done, are poised for the next stage, and are eager to see how God will continue to use Christian education in Cambridge.

In those beginning years, families came together with a similar and distinct understanding that God was calling them to raise their children to know God and serve Him. They were convinced that a parent’s responsibility for biblical instruction did not end at home. They wanted a school that could partner with parents and provide learning and leadership that was centred in the Word of God.

As a result, the Galt Environment Christian School Society was formed in 1958. After we spent many years planning and working hard, the Lord provided the present Myers Road location and our school opened in September 1967. It is amazing to see how God has led us from our humble beginnings in two classrooms to the present day. We are so thankful to God for His many blessings as we have renovated and expanded our building over the years!

Our staff’s commitment to providing excellence to our students and care to our families was on full display during Spring 2020 when COVID-19 changed the way we operated. Our staff pivoted to an at-home learning program on the first day back from March Break. They taught online with creativity and passion and connected with their classes and individual students regularly. As a community, we enjoyed a virtual Grandparents’ Day, a virtual pet show, and other school-wide events, as well as a vibrant Grade 8 graduation ceremony in our back field.

After recently celebrating our 50th year, revitalizing the outdoor play in our field, and continuing to dream about our future, we move forward with our calling to provide Christian education in the Cambridge area. It is our hope and prayer that God will continue to bless us as we seek to be a blessing to many Christian families. We strive to be faithful to Him who has led us thus far, so that many more graduates will impact Canadian society as witnesses to a higher calling.


Purpose & Vision

Our Vision

As a diverse Christian community, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Cambridge Christian School provides families with Christ-centred education in order to develop responsible servants in God’s world.

Our Mission

Working in unison with the home and the local church, we educate students to be Christ-centered Thinkers, Communicators, and Worshippers.

Our Staff

Our dedicated, professional staff work together with parents as partners in their child’s education.

Our teachers provide expertise in various extracurricular activities such as choir, drama, student clubs, and sports teams. They are active in their churches and faith life and we believe that this enhances their teaching ability. Our staff cares for each individual student and encourages him/her to grow in their God-given talents.


Experience Working in an Elementary School is an Asset