CCS Staff

Our dedicated, professional staff work together with parents as partners in your child’s education.

Our teachers are readily available to speak to parents and we encourage parents to contact them with any questions they may have.

Our teachers provide expertise in various extracurricular activites such as choir, drama, student clubs, and sports teams. They are active in their churches and faith life and we believe that this enhances their teaching ability. Our staff cares for each individual student and encourages him/her to grow in their God given talents.


Staff 2023/2024

Mrs. Tricia Nicholson

Preschool Supervisor

My name is Tricia Nicholson, and this is my second year at CCS. This year I will be teaching in the preschool program and Senior Kindergarten. I really love this age group of kids! I have had many roles over the last 6 years in Christian schools such as EA, TA, Primary Prep teacher and supplying in lots of different grades. I love spending time exploring nature that our amazing God created, especially while camping with my family.

Mrs. Sara Fietje

Junior Kindergarten & Grow and Go (JK)

Hello, I’m Sara Fietje and I am so excited to teach JK again this year! I have always loved working with kids, and it gives me great joy to be able to walk alongside students and help them learn in creative and fun ways. I love getting to know each individual student and celebrating their gifts. My three sons are also at CCS in grades 3, 5, and 6, and I take it as such a privilege to be able to work at their school. I love baking with my class, doing puzzles, family game nights, and reading. I am excited for this year ahead and looking forward to where the Lord is going to take us.

Mrs. Harji Samuel

Junior Kindergarten/Senior Kindergarten & Grow and Go (SK)

Hello, my name is Harji Samuel. I have worked as an educator for the past 15 years. During these years I have had many different roles within the school board, a classroom teacher, Early Childhood Educator and a TA. I am excited to be teaching kindergarten at CCS this year, it is a blessing to experience the love of God through education. I have two children in grade 6 and 1 who attend CCS. It is a privilege to be a part of Christ-centred nurturing environment as a parent as well as a teacher.

Mrs. Joanna Weinhardt

Senior Kindergarten

My name is Joanna Weinhardt, and I graduated from UBC in 2000. I’ve been teaching in various countries for eight years and in Canada for nine years. This is my 8th year teaching at CCS. I taught part time Grade 3 for a few school years starting in 2008 and then stayed home for several years to have a family. In 2017, I joined the CCS staff again, teaching part-time Gr. 2 and part-time as an EA for five years. I’m currently thrilled to teach SK for my second year, and I’m overwhelmed with thanksgiving toward God for allowing me, again, to get to know and love a new group of learners. I have 2 kids and both attend CCS; my daughter is in Grade 8 and my son is in Grade 5 this year. I love to sing, read, kayak, hike… and I love Jesus deeply. I am passionate about helping every person I encounter know how loved, unique, and special they are to God. Some of my favourite moments in teaching are when I can read books out loud dramatically, and to sing worship songs with my students!

Miss Sue VanderSpek

Grade One

My name is Sue VanderSpek. I have been blessed to be a teacher at CCS for the past 29 years. I grew up on a dairy farm outside of Exeter, Ontario. I have been so blessed during my time at CCS. My favourite part of teaching Grade One is seeing the tremendous change in my students through out the year. I love to see God’s light shine through them as they discover the gifts God has given them. It is my prayer that each of my students will grow in their faith and their love for God and others.

Mrs. Renée Wells

Grade Two

Hello, my name is Renée Wells and I have been working at CCS for the past 9 years. I have had experience working part time in our Preschool, in Grade 4 and this will be my 2nd year as the Homeroom teacher in Grade 2. I love creativity and am blessed to teach Grade 5 Art as well. Fun fact, I also am a graduate of CCS and attended from K-8! It is a joy to work with students of all ages, in helping to direct dramas for our Christmas Program and Spring Musical. I am excited for the year to come and can’t wait to see the things that God has in store for our class, as we learn and grow together!

Mrs. Elsie Botha

Grade Three

My name is Elsie Botha. Our family immigrated from South Africa to Canada in 2002. I studied at the University of Johannesburg and completed my post-graduate studies at the University of South Africa. Starting a new life in Canada was very difficult and challenging, but God was with us every step of the way and with God’s grace we built a new life in Canada. I started as an EA at CCS in September 2016 as well as taking care of the After School program. I believe God gave me this opportunity to continue my chosen calling and career. I love being outside enjoying God’s creation. It is such a privilege to share my faith with the students and to guide them to see all of God’s amazing wonders in his creation.

Mrs. Jessica Frank

Grade Four & Grade Four/Five

My name is Jessica Frank. I am a high school French and History teacher and have taught at both the elementary and secondary levels for over six years. I have two daughters, and my oldest is entering SK at CCS this year. I have a passion for teaching students about God through my subject areas. I love the idea that God, the Great Creator, made us in His image, and because of that, we are creators as well! I really believe that in any subject, students can use their creativity to glorify God and be a blessing to others. It is my prayer that I can help students understand this great truth more deeply this year, whether in Language Arts, French, Social Studies or Math. I am thrilled to join the CCS staff this year and look forward to becoming better acquainted with the wonderful community at this school.

Mrs. Susan Guichelaar Gesch

Grade Four & ESL

My name is Susan Guichelaar Gesch, and I have been working at CCS since 2004. Before coming to CCS, I taught in South Korea for a few years. This launched my journey into ESL, which I have continued ever since. I love helping my students to learn and discover new things and develop the gifts God has given them.

Mr. Gerrit Van Andel

Grade Five

Hi! I’m Gerrit Van Andel, and I am entering my 10th year of teaching at Cambridge Christian School. One thing I love about our school is that we have a strong sense of community not just among the student body but with school supporters as well. One of my favourite things about teaching is getting to know students across the grades and helping them understand the incredible gift of being a child of God. I am passionate about sports at the school and enjoy being active at recess as much as the students do! In my spare time, I love spending time with my wife and four kids.

Mrs. Annette Regnerus

Grade Six & French

Hello! My name is Annette Regnerus and this is year 32 for me in the classroom. I began my career at Providence and then moved to Cambridge in 2004. Both of my sons are graduates of CCS. Spending my time in the classroom with eager minds is the thing I love to do. Praising God together, learning together, creating together, figuring things out together, having that “”aha”” moment…what could be better?
I also love to coach and do other extracurricular activities.
When not at school, my husband and I love to go for hikes in God’s amazing creation and we love to discover new places in the world.

Mrs. Emma Loveday

Grade Seven

Hi there! My name is Emma Loveday and I am a recent graduate of Redeemer University. As a CCS alumnus myself, I am excited for the opportunity to begin my teaching career here at Cambridge Christian School! French, Literature, and History are my favourite areas of study, but I love helping students get excited about every subject that comes their way! It’s my prayer that, as we journey through this next school year, my students will come to better understand their unique, God-given gifts and the ways that they can use those gifts to glorify Him. When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy reading, going for walks, and spending time with family and friends.

Mr. Kevin Stevens

Grade Eight

My name is Kevin Stevens. I am a Redeemer graduate, and this is my 10th year teaching. I am excited to begin my second year here at CCS. I love being able to share how everything on our planet points toward our Creator! I’ve always experienced this profoundly in nature; camping and fishing. It’s amazing to see how the order and design in all of creation work together.
I am also passionate about athletics and helping to develop the skills needed to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. When I am not in the classroom, I love spending time with my wife and two daughters adventuring in God’s creation!

Mrs. C. Gray

Student Support Services

I have been working in Student Support Services at Cambridge Christian School for 21 years. I love finding creative ways to help every child learn to the best of their abilities. In my spare time, I enjoy camping, canoeing, and hiking with my family. I love to play the piano and sing! Being creative with friends as we go to Play With Clay is a highlight of my week!

Mrs. Yvonne Rizzo

Student Support Services

My name is Yvonne Rizzo. I have been an Educational Assistant for 23 years, and this is my 7th year at Cambridge Christian School. I am passionate about supporting our students to learn new skills that help them to reach their potential.

Mrs. Darlene Bokma

Student Support Services

Mrs. Stephanie Smith

Student Support Services

Our family has been connected with the CCS community for a few years now, and I’m excited to join on as an educational assistant. My background is in social work and I am passionate about working with children and their families; whatever their academic, social, physical or mental health needs. I love watching children explore the world around them and make connections in their learning. It’s fascinating for me to chat with kids and see how they think about things, especially as they begin to understand concepts about God and faith.
Personally, I love spending time with family and friends and being outside whenever possible. I also love music of many kinds, and I cannot imagine a world without singing, dancing and instruments! I am grateful for the many blessings God provides, and for His unfailing faithfulness and perseverance during difficult times.

Mrs. Annie Humphreys

Student Support Services

My name is Annie Humphreys and I have been an Educational Assistant since 2016. I am happy to be part of the CCS team, helping the students grow academically and spiritually. I am married to Tim and we have twin boys who attend CCS. Outside of work, I enjoy going on adventures with my family and reading a good book. You can usually find me with a coffee in my hand. In fact, I have a plaque in my kitchen that reads: “All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!”

Mrs. Kerri Beda

Student Support Services

I am so excited to be working at CCS as part of the Student Support Services Team this year! I am blessed to spend my life with my husband and our four teen and young adult children. The Lord has given me a passion for children and families with most of my life work being spent in Christian Education both at school and church. Fall vibes, cozy blankets, a hot cup of coffee, books and paper crafting are my jam!

Mrs. Megan Huggins

Teaching Assistant

Hi! My name is Megan Huggins. My children have been coming to CCS for 3 years now and every year we continue to be amazed at how God is working.
I will be a TA in the Grow and Go classes on Tuesday and Thursday and I can’t wait to explore God’s world with the students.

Miss Fran Huberts


I have loved working at CCS as a teacher, vice-principal and short-term principal for over 30 years. After retiring from full-time work in 2019, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach Math and Reading to Grades 3/4, Grade 7 and Grade 8. This year, I am teaching Music to Grade 5-8 in a portable that is setup for my subject. Imagine, being able to make music which sometimes sounds a ‘little or a lot like noise’ and not interrupting anyone else.

Mrs. Melissa Groves

Vice Principal & Student Support Services Coordinator

Hi, I’m Melissa Groves! This is my fourth year at CCS. I love being the Vice Principal and enjoy getting to know all of the students in our school. This year, I am the Student Support Services Coordinator as well as Curriculum Coordinator. At CCS, I have taught Grades 2, 4 and 8 as well. My favourite subject to teach is Math. My goal each year is to help my students develop a growth mindset and to help them realize that we are all a “work in progress!” We are clay in the Potter’s hands! Outside of school, you will usually find me somewhere around our farm hanging out with the animals and my family.

Mrs. Ann Clark

Development Officer & Administrative Assistant

My name is Ann Clark. This is my sixth year as Administrative Assistant at Cambridge Christian School and my fourth year as Development Officer. Cambridge Christian School has been part of my family since 2003 when our oldest son joined SK. Our youngest son graduated in 2016. My experience during those years was volunteering both in the classrooms, on committees and the Board of Directors. I love working alongside a wonderful Christian staff and seeing the students learn about God in every subject. When I am not in the school, I enjoy walking, baking and reading.

Mrs. Katie Valade

Advancement Coordinator

Hi, I’m Katie Valade, and I have the privilege of helping our new families with admissions, giving tours of the school, and assisting with our fundraising and community events. One of my greatest joys is my family, and you can find my three kids around the school as well. My family has been at CCS through three generations now – my mom, myself and my siblings, and now my kids. It has been incredible to watch CCS grow throughout the years and see God’s faithfulness to us! I joined the staff at CCS in 2019 and love a good challenge, the opportunity to make spreadsheets, and building community at a place that is so special to me. When I get true free time, I love playing volleyball and baseball, board games with my kids, and catching up with friends over brie and coffee.

Mrs. Jenn DeVries


I’m Jenn DeVries and I’m the bookkeeper at CCS. You’ll find me in the Finance Office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ve been on staff here since 2017, but I’ve been a parent and volunteer at the school since 2009, serving in fundraising, finance, and on the Board of Directors. I love being part of the office team and using my gifts to further God’s kingdom through the mission of CCS.

Mr. Scott Beda


My name is Scott Beda and I love being the Principal of Cambridge Christian School! I have my Master’s of Educational Leadership and have served as principal for over decade. I love our team at CCS and the blessing Christian Education has been to my family. Before I was a principal I taught everything from Grade Two to Grade Eight. I love playing guitar and leading chapels. In my spare time I spend time with my family, bike and play on the Worship Team.

Miss Anita Brouwer

In Memory, beloved CCS staff member from 1988-2024

To our CCS community:
Anita has been deeply connected to CCS, serving as a teacher since 1988. The majority of her years at CCS were teaching Grade Two and she impacted the lives of her students and the staff deeply. She will be remembered for her amazing Bible lessons, love for teaching Reading and Creation Studies, passion for Fine Arts and our Spring Musicals. Anita’s deep love for Jesus shone brightly, even as she struggled these recent years with cancer. Please join us in praying for Anita’s loved ones as they grieve.

In her words, “I am Anita Brouwer, and I am so glad to be teaching again at CCS. I have taught Grade Two for over 27 years. I am looking forward to working on the Lexia program for Grades 1-5, Reading Assistance and Creation Studies for Grade 1, and Art for Grade 4. In the past, I have helped with many musicals and organized many special days for school families. When I am not at school, I love to swim, kayak, read, and play with clay. The Lord has blessed me with many opportunities to travel and I enjoy learning about other cultures and seeing different landscapes and animals such as the dung beetle.”


Mrs. Caroline Dyk

Facilities Manager

Mr. Doug Hanchar

Curriculum Coordinator

Mrs. Melissa Groves